Gain new knowledge

Think strategically and invest in the analytical work that will advance your decisions

Focus groups

Most companies usually withdraw (to do) interviews, especially the focus group interview, because of the time-consuming process but by doing focus groups, your company can get a clear and more nuanced insight into the problems the consumer or customer has in relation to your product(s) or services. It therefore becomes more manageable to gain insight into opinions, as far as behavior, consumer patterns and the decisions for possible additions or opt-outs that arise as an extension of a given product series.

To conduct focus group interviews can be overwhelming, especially because you often gain a lot of new knowledge and inputs. Our communications manager will help you hold the interview, and with his knowledgeable expertise will decode and unfold the most important aspects for your company.

Gain insight to your target audience

In-depth interview

Our communications team and analysts conduct a number of in-depth interviews on a daily basis so we can help you learn more about your target audience. In order for you to maintain high quality and trust in both your products and services, it is important that you keep up to date on what your consumers view of you.

With in-depth interviews, it is possible to delve into the elements you want to learn more about, and at the same time investigate issues that may be too sensitive to deal with in larger gatherings. But in order for you to get a more in-depth insight into a selected topic, we always ensure that a larger number of interviews are held.

What can focus groups be used for?

Being able to gather a lot of information in a short amount of time will help your organization save precious resources. It gives you the opportunity to focus all your attention on the tasks that help to improve and develop your business.

Focus groups provide the opportunity to collect open and qualified responses. The topics that are discussed in a focus group are usually questions that are difficult to answer, and therefore the use of questionnaires is effectively avoided.

Using a focus group, you will be able to gain insight into the respondent’s way of thinking, their attitudes and their feelings towards a product or service.

It will help you to think about how to highlight your products, and make you aware of how the general population will react to them. It will prove to be an advantage for your company, as you are able to get suggestions on how to improve product or service.

To strengthen your organization’s credibility with a potential customer, you can hold a focus group meeting at the same time, where you invite your customer and let them see the participants’ reactions. By doing so, you will ensure that you are very transparent about what you are offering and will give a sense of professionalism and credibility.