Meet your GDPR Criteria

Make sure your company respects all rules and regulations in order to achieve transparency and correct handling of personal data.

Data Processor Agreement

According to EU law if your organization is subject to the GDPR, a written data processing agreement is required to be in place with all your data processors. Essentially, in order to function according to current law, your organization needs to sign a legally binding contract with all other companies that help you analyze, store or transfer personal data.

Our team can help you lay out all the rights and obligations of each concerning party, thus making sure that your organization will be GDPR compliant.

Privacy policy

In order to make sure your organization is transparent with your clients, it needs to release a public document that stipulates how your company processes personal data and what it does to respect data protection principles.

We offer our guidance in order to help you release a privacy policy that is transparent, easily accessible and is written in a manner that is simple to comprehend by all your customers.

Remember to take cookies into account

Most organizations nowadays own a website in order to present their brand and services to the public. In order to make the experience of browsing the internet more pleasurable for the users, websites generate files which are used to store browsing information, also called cookies. Under the current EU legislation these cookies are considered personal data, since it can store information such as a user’s preferences and settings. We therefore help you design the necessary cookie policy so that you can be sure that you comply with the regulations your company must comply with.

Get your legal basis in place

To ensure that your organization is transparent with your customers, it must release public documentation that sets out how your company processes and stores personal data and what it does to respect data protection principles.
When you sell either a service or a product to a customer, it is necessary to have set up a number of trading conditions. The trading conditions state the terms and conditions on which customers trade. You can not only set up your own conditions, but have certain requirements that must be followed.