Reach your target group

In order to reach your target group, it is necessary to devise a strategy that takes into account those you want to reach.

Social media strategy

More and more companies are using social media to create a strong and more direct mouthpiece for their customers, employees, investors and other people who may have an interest. But social media brings many opportunities, but it can be time-consuming to update your company’s platforms. The creativity behind the content usually thins out, and the fascination ceases after some time. It is therefore important to set up a strategy and concrete execution plan based on clear objectives and a framework for what your company aims to achieve. 

By setting up a plan for which content to post, you ensure that your content does not go off track. With our expertise, we help you choose which platform you should bet on, and at the same time build a valuable content strategy.

Get success on social media

Stakeholder analysis

As part of your company’s social media strategy, it is necessary for you to think about which target group(s) you should address both in relation to your market conditions and opportunities.

In order for you to get closer to your target group, our advisers use qualitative interview forms such as focus groups and in-depth interviews. The interview forms make it possible to learn more about the customers’ behavior, needs, attitudes and at the same time satisfaction with your product(s) or services. So instead of basing your target group on assumptions, we can only recommend taking the step further and making sure to support your decision-making with analyzes and statistical material.

Target your ads

By setting up your target group on your company’s social media channels, you manage to target your content and in the long run achieve greater engagement, traffic and, not least, optimize your conversion opportunities.